Meet the 2015-16 Board!

Meet the 2015-16 Board!

We are a group of passionate Mexicans from across the MIT schools of Engineering and Business:

  • Luly Alcaraz Ochoa, President (Engineering School)
  • José Pablo Fernández de Lara, President (Business School)
  • Mariana G. Matus, Vice-President
  • Maria Fernanda Sanchez Attolini, Treasurer
  • Bernardo Orvananos, VP of External Relations
  • Jonathan Melchor, VP of Internal Relations
  • Victor Hernandez-Gordillo, VP of Events
  • Jorge, Photofile Chair

We aim to bring together the community of Mexicans at MIT, foster relations with alumni and contacts around the world, and have lots of fun 😉

Want to join us? Email clubmex-officers at

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